Monday, August 02, 2010


For the past week or so, this was the view from my front porch (if you consider the bottom step of an RV trailer a porch). For the fourth year in a row, I've traveled to Farragut State Park in northern Idaho to hang out with high school students (all from the Seattle area) and play ridiculous songs. I also wild out on croquet and volleyball while 300 students trek to the lake to ride wakeboards and banana boats and air chairs and things of that nature. There's also an espresso machine and square dancing in a local barn.

I always find this event to be a difficult thing to explain to people back home, and this is actually something I enjoy a great bit. I like it when things are hard to explain; it forces me to use my imagination.

I really miss my family while I'm gone, but because I've been making this trek for four years, it's very much like I'm with family when I get there. And to be honest, it's also good to be away from normal life for a bit. Seems I'm constantly getting bogged down by stuff that's ultimately not that important. And by that I mean all the little things I do in a given day that have nothing to do with loving my family or other people or whatever. Things like always being on time. Or signing some insurance forms that came in the mail.

But I'm also always reminded that in those seemingly insignifcant comings and goings is precisely where I will live out my faith. How I handle stress at work is to me a very good (and in my case, damning) indicator of the state of my heart. Ouch.

So I am encouraged and challenged to remember once again that I am not capable of saving anyone, including myself. That obedience is something I must choose to do. And that I have much farther to go.


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