Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Quick Update

It simply cannot be mid-June already. Where in the world has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday I was opening Christmas presents and bemoaning the fact that somewhere in there I became 28 years old without the ability to grow even a junior high-grade mustache. Crazy.

These last few months have been incredible, if busy. I'd love to elaborate (but time is short, and you probably wouldn't have the attention span to pour over every detail I find vitally important), but here are some highlights:

1. Driving 16 hours to Michigan in one day with two old friends and one brand new one... from Australia. Some of the best conversation I've ever had and a truly remarkable spiritual experience.

2. Buying golf clubs at a thrift store in Michigan and while standing in line, having this said to us, "Golf clubs are greating for beating moles and other small rodents." Priceless. I would later sink a birdie put. That will not happen again.

3. Getting back from Michigan and playing a full-band set at Tasty World to a great crowd. Video from that is on YouTube if you're inclined.

4. A few weeks later having 10 guys crowd around two microphones at Paul Reeves' studio to sing a bluegrass song about a guy born with big thumbs. The song, as you may have guessed it, is called "Big Thumb" and features an absolutely horrible (in a good way) banjo solo by Jon Black.

5. Moving the Rebuilt office from underneath the street up to the third floor, complete with view of the street and a fraction of the health hazards.

6. Co-producing David Herndon's next Rebuilt EP with Paul at his studio and seeing guys like Micah and Jonathan come by because they care about what Rebuilt and its artists are doing. And watching the Office on DVD.

7. Seeing my daughter Molly crawl on Father's Day (aww heck... just having a Father's Day was cool), and subsequently injuring myself on the baby gate I'm not yet used to being there.

There's a ton more. Busy times, but good ones. We've now turned the corner on 2007, and if it ended now, it would rank as one of my best years.

Hope you're well, wherever you are.

- j

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