Sunday, January 07, 2007

I Saw The Bus At the Airport (also, some New Music)

My good friend Franny came over from the West Coast to spend last week with the Harwells, and walking into the lovely Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta to wait for her flight, I walked right by the Bus. That's right - Jerome Bettis (formerly of the Pittsburgh Steelers). I've seen a few "famous-type" people in the last few years, but never have I felt like I could actually walk over and say something to one of them. Not so with the Bus. I almost high-fived him as I walked by. But I've been to Hartsfield a few times, too, and I know that when you're there, all you really want to do is get the heck out, and I figured after a long flight, the last thing a guy would really want would be someone saying dumb things to him or asking for an autograph. I did stop to watch to see what kind of vehicle would pick him up at curbside (it was a black Range Rover), and while I did, I thought about the cool things I could have said. Cool things like:

1. "What are you doing at the airport? I thought you only took the bus!" (then reaching "up high" for a Todd-like high five)
2. "Hey, this ain't the bus station!" (then performing the "snap & guns")
3. And while waiting at curbside: "Hey, Jerome, the bus stops on the other side of the street!" (then pointing across the street to where the shuttle buses stop. This, like the previous two statements, aren't really funny, but in this case, I would actually provide Mr. Bettis with some factual information, thus making me helpful and a good citizen.)
4. Performing an unexpected stiff-arm spin-to-Heisman pose and exclaiming "You might be the Bus, but they call me the Vespa!" before running for my life.

I was glad to see him put his own bags in his car for some reason, and then I entered the Gates of Hell that is the Atlanta airport.

I've also posted on my Myspace page ( a little ear snack for those who are interested - an unmixed version of "Nothing Gold Can Stay" off my upcoming EP featuring Natalie Moon on background vox. I hope you enjoy!

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