Monday, May 17, 2010

Recent Design Work: Nutria Album Release Show

Here we have a show poster I designed for my good friend Adam Klein (GO LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC RIGHT NOW!). In addition to being a world traveler (he's been everywhere) and one heck of a storytelling songwriter, Adam also runs an indie here in Athens called Cowboy Angel Music. Good stuff.

The label is releasing Nutria's new record on June 3rd at the 40 Watt, and Adam's playing, too, so if you find yourself near Athens and looking for something awesome to do, consider your search over.

Adam gave me the freedom to just run with whatever I wanted, and after chasing a few rabbits, I came up with this. The label's aesthetic is vintage and well-worn, but it's stlll fun (especially Nutria's stuff), so the old rollercoaster seemed to fit the bill. 

Makes me kind of want funnel cake.

Kind of.

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