Tuesday, April 06, 2010

All is well; all is new

Today, I'm in Clermont, FL doing some music and hanging out with J.Rich and Jeremy Ezell. It's good times.

But a couple of days ago we had Easter, and that's really what this post is about.

Perhaps for the first year ever, I did not go to an Easter service with either my family or my wife's family; we actually went to our own church. And on this particular Sunday morning, our church welcomed Adam Lambert from Jewish Believers in Jesus to walk us through a passover seder and to illustrate how Jesus brought passover (deliverance, redemption, restoration, forgiveness) to it's absolute fulfillment.

We took communion with unleavened bread, and as I did, I felt within my own heart a smallish voice say to me, "It is done! All is well! All is new!"

And I thought of our friend Mike Sweeney.

And I thought of my father in-law and my sweet mother in-law who would have celebrated their 40th anniversary this Easter morning.

And I could not stop weeping because in that moment both the pain of loss and the triumph of the resurrection became very, very real to me. 

It is done. 

All is well.

All is new.

I cannot tell you how I cling to these words. And even as my heart is heavy, I rejoice that all has been made right again. In fact, it's probably because I feel the loss that I rejoice all the more. 

I'm getting older, and this is getting harder. But this...this is what Easter is all about: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mikesweeney/journal

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