Thursday, February 15, 2007

Me & Hitchcock...

This is a photo of what some birds did to my car in a period of about four hours. I'm not sure what I did to anger the avian population of Athens, but dang, it must have been bad. I did smack a sparrow one time inadvertently with my grill, but I was driving my wife's 4Runner, so how would they know? At any rate, I've been mulling it over in my mind, and birds may just be the ultimate artists - they combine the modernist qualities of Jackson Pollock's drip paintings with the postmodernist use of fecal material as an artmaking tool. The medium is the message, indeed. In fact, I considered driving my car over to the art school and just parking it on the lawn as an installation. I should also note that it took two trips through the car wash with a serious scrubbing session by the car wash attendant (who clearly felt his reputation for spitting out squeaky-clean automobiles was on the line). Thanks, Minute Car wash!

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